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We are currently looking for new escorts over 18 years old to join us at Men in the City. We offer very attractive working arrangements and fully support our escorts. Please read through the information below and if you decide you would like to work with us as an escort then please submit an online application form by clicking here.

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Advice and information for escorts

This information is presented here to give you as an escort some idea of what is expected of you and what we consider to be good practice. Some of this may seem obvious, but to be a professional escort there are many things to be aware of that you may not have realised.

Your meeting with the client

The number one rule is never be late! If you are visiting the client on an outcall allow for delays in traffic or public transport, if you are unfamiliar with the area you should allow time to find the client's accommodation. For incalls try to be prepared ten or fifteen minutes prior to the appointment time, this will help you to be relaxed when the client arrives, it will also mean that you are not taken by surprise if the client arrives early.

You must be clean and smartly dressed for your meeting with your client (unless of course they ask otherwise). Wear clothes that can be taken off and put on easily, the client is paying for your time and will not want to waste time waiting for his escort to undress and dress. Jewellery should not be excessive and remember that sharp points or edges on jewellery may tear condoms. Never carry a weapon, not only is it unnerving for the client it may be used against you.

Always shower before the appointment or preferably offer to shower with your client when you first meet. As well as being a pleasurable experience for both of you, sharing a shower gives you the opportunity to check your client for cuts, sores or infections. If you're having a busy day, showering helps to keep you fresh and reinvigorates you.

While the escort is with his client he is her best friend, lover, soul-mate - whatever the client wants him to be. Make your client feel special, take an interest in what she has to say. Sometimes a client may be shy, try to strike up a conversation but don't let it all be about you. The client doesn't want to hear about her escort's problems she wants a good time, try to discover the type of things that interest your client and focus on them. The more pleasurable you make the experience the more likely the client will want to see you again.

Your responsibilities as an escort

As an escort you have a responsibility to ensure that your body is in good shape. Not only does this help you, it makes you more attractive as an escort. You must have regular sexual health checks and maintain good personal hygiene. Going to the gym, taking regular exercise and eating well will all help to keep you physically healthy and more able to fight disease.

Check yourself for cuts and abrasions and cover them with a plaster as an open wound can get infected. Keep your pubic hair neatly trimmed, not only is this more attractive to many ladies, it makes it easier to check for lice and other STIs.

Drink plenty of water or chew gum as this helps to stimulate the production of saliva which helps to fight infections. Do not use alcohol based mouthwashes as these can kill the friendly bacteria that fight infection. Do not vigoursly brush your teeth just before meeting a client as this may irritate your gums, making them bleed and open to infection.

For outcalls it's a good idea to have a small kit prepared to take with you. This should include such things as condoms, wet-wipes, hand towel and change of underwear. Make sure your mobile is fully charged and let the manager of the Men in the City agency know when you arrive and leave so that we know you are OK. One of the major advantages of working through the Men in the City agency, rather than independantly, is that we always know where you are working should things go wrong.

Never agree to do anything with a client that you are not happy about. You set the limits, one silly mistake could ruin your career and your health. The relationship between escorts and clients should be one of mutual respect and discretion.

And finally...

This information may seem daunting, but you will soon realise it is mostly common sense. Above all enjoy your work as an escort. If the escort is happy, the client is more likely to be happy - and that is our prime aim.

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